who we are

not even a little beard...

Well, actually its just me. I just keep personifying my beard – can’t help it.

I’m Paul, software developer by trade and beard enthusiast. I have spent most of my professional career with Java, C++ and the occasional webservice. After having received my Master’s Degree in Engineering (which btw was also on Android/NDK) I did industrial robot HMIs for two years. During that time I started with Android on a professional level and after that I finally started working full-time for an Android development company.

After that I focused on Java backend development which included functional reactive programming and graph databases, only to soon switch over to developing cloud apps in the IoT sector. My daily workhorse was a combination of Node.js, .NET Core and Microsoft Azure. It is my firm belief that the future of software development lies within the cloud!

If you still need more convincing, you can download my (german) CV here!

I am passionate about coding – hacking away on a keyboard and creating something for me is pure bliss!

So, long story short, we (I) do custom-tailored software project for our (my) customers as well as consulting and advising in cloud projects. I do pure coding projects of course, but I excel at the combination of architectural and SW design work and producing actual code. I just don’t do web design stuff – this is about manly code, and by all means, selecting colors can’t be regarded manly at all 🙂