the service

Basically, it’s all about the software in general and cloud and IoT software in particular. My main focus is on producing not just any ol’app with templates that I might already have lying around, but to create exactly what customers need. The idea is, to give everyone what they need, nothing more, nothing less.

Many companies don’t want to (or can’t) employ a full-time developer because they might not be large enough or the project itself is not big enough. Also, the domain knowledge of companies might be elsewhere and not with software or cloud or IoT. That’s where beardINC comes into play: no matter whether it’s about offering consulting and giving advice, creating a demo or a small proof-of-concept app for marketing purposes or if it’s the fully-fledged app behemoth with a backend, data layer and frontend, I do them all. There is no such thing as an impossible project!

Essentially it’s that variety of projects through that I can offer competent and precise help for everyone!